TrackMania Sunrise


TrackMania Sunrise

TrackMania Sunrise is the sequel to the PC racing game, TrackMania. You can drive new, faster cars or create your own to race across the included tracks.

Trackmania Sunrise

In this new episode, I take a look at my favorite racing game!

TrackMania Sunrise – Race campaign speedrun in 1:02:01 [pWR]

In-Game time: 57:12.83

pretty happy with this run, a couple of stumbles but nothing too bad. Having a lot of fun with this game, dabbled into many different TrackMania speedruns before but this title seems to have the most enjoyable campaign for me

All Trackmania Sunrise Nadeo Cuts !

Yo everyone ! I’m very proud to show you all cuts known in Trackmania Sunrise. As you see, there are a lot of cuts in TMS tracks. I worked on this video for 2 weeks. All renders pissed me off, because they are super long cause of my pc (not power). Again sorry if on Vertigo it’s not a render, but recorded video, because when I did render, computer said “the video can be broken” and I raged. I hope you understood all my explainations, because there are cuts that they are hard to explain. I forgot to add how much the cut in Vertigo is faster, sorry -_-. The cut is 9 seconds faster. I chose correct music, because in most of my videos there are metal or rap, I decided to chose some musics from Riolu’s videos. I also put the text as you can read without stop the video, if you are a good english speaker, or not. No missing tracks I think, but if you have a cut idea, please tell me a comment 🙂 I’ll also do all TMO, TMN, TMNF and TMUF cuts, but you just have to wait, this kind of video take so much time to do and school took a lot of time (until 6.30 PM), you understand.

Music :

Valeriya – Kapelkoyu :
The Glitch Mod – We Can Make The World Stop :
Junkie XL – Mushroom :
Trentemøller – Moan (ENiGMA Dubz Remix) :
ENiGMA Dubz – Make Up Your Mind feat. Katie McLeod :
Feint – The Pink Fields (feat. Doxx) :
John B – Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix) :
Captain Kid – We and I :
Junkie XL – Dampener Rod :
Daughter – Winter (ENiGMA Dubz Remix) :
Tobu – Candyland :
Vicetone vs. Nico Vega – Beast :

I hope you enjoyed this video !

Trackmania Sunrise Gameplay

Trackmania Sunrise Gameplay