This Unity Game Development Bundle Teaches You To Code For 40 Bucks


This Unity Game Development Bundle Teaches You To Code For 40 Bucks

With 141 hours of content, this $40 bundle is a comprehensive way to learn about programming.

Fanatical Bundle | MASSIVE Unity Game Development eBOOKs | BEFORE YOU BUY

Attention ALL Unity Game Developer! If you are looking for a bundle of eBook, make sure you check this video. I will show you what is included in the Fanatical eBook Bundle for Unity Game Development.
1. Getting started
2. Learn by Example
3. Master Unity
4. Advanced
5. Other Bundle


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My name is Lee, an indie game developer. If you are GAMER or INDIE GAME DEVELOPER who want to see how a game is created and improved, my youtube videos will show you the progress of game development. Currently I am working on a low poly turn-based strategy game – Dungeon Slayer. I will also share the thoughts, resource & tips during game development journey. Make sure you subscribe the channel for weekly upload. 🙂

Marketing For Indie Games – Before Starting Game Dev Channel (5 NEW TIPS)

Marketing For Indie Games – Grow Your Indie Game Dev Channel Fast (6 NEW TIPS!)

Indie Game Developer Tips – How I Start Game Development In Unity (3 NEW TIPS!)

Indie Game Developer Tips – Start Game Development In Unity Quickly (5 TIPS!)

Unity Game Development Devlog #31 – They Are Coming (NEW ENEMY)

Unity Game Development Devlog #32 – Stand Higher, See Further (NEW FACILITY)

Unity Game Development Devlog #34 – NOW YOU CAN SEE ME (NEW EFFECT)

Unity Game Development Devlog #35 – DOUBLE THE MAP (NEW FEATURE)

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NO ONE gets Rigidbodies Values Right!!! | Unity Game Dev #shorts

The force was too much with this one!


Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod

“Learn To Code” Game Developments Course by Zenva Bundle

A little over a year ago the first Intro to Code bundle ran with a collection of course aimed at teaching coding with a game development theme. Today they are running the Learn to Code bundle, with a mostly different set of course. Courses on Zenva are both text and video based and this bundle contains Unity, Phaser, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin and more courses.


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Breaking up Code in Unity (Important game dev tips for beginners)

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In this game dev tutorial I show how to break code up in unity, separating scripts into different logic groups and adding them to a player controller as different components.

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