The Witness Review


The Witness Review

In both structure and detail, The Witness is an original, difficult, and ultimately rewarding puzzle game.

i don’t think the witness is very good

Since its release, I always seemed to have a sort of irrational dislike of The Witness. This week, I decided to finally put that into words.

Chime of the Obra Dinn:

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Games in order:
-The Witness
-Portal 2
-Baba Is You
-A Monster’s Expedition through Puzzling Exhibitions
-Opus Magnum
-Solas 128
-Stephen’s Sausage Roll

-The ambient sounds of The Witness
-Menu Theme from Baba Is You

Views are my own.

REVIEW: The Witness ( A Masterpiece of Game Design )

This is my completely non-bias review for The Witness.

Let me know if you disagree with my thoughts in the comments.

The Unbearable Now: An Interpretation of The Witness


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The Last Mimzy
The Karate Kid
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Matrix
The Witness Consciousness – Vashishta Cave Talk With Anand [–Vg_EeYs]
MBSR Widening the Circle Video []

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Review: The Witness

In which I risk looking like an asshole for not liking a thing everybody likes.

The Witness is on Steam:
But you can’t play it if you’re epileptic, colorblind or tone-deaf!
So is Braid:
And Antichamber (in case you missed it earlier):

Last week on the TOVG podcast, Matt from the Best Friends Zaibatsu elbowed his way in to brag about drumming up publicity for Metal Wolf Chaos: