Darksiders 3 Review – Soils-Like


Darksiders 3 Review – Soils-Like

Darksiders return is marred by bland environments and an unfocused design that can’t help but frustrate and underwhelm.

Darksiders 3 Gameplay Shows How Much Like Dark Souls The Series Has Become

Darksiders 3’s release date is fast approaching, so take a look at some fresh gameplay.

Darksiders 3 Review – Is It Actually Too Difficult?

Darksiders 3 Review.
Many people have been talking about the good and the bad of the new release Darksiders 3 , I just wanted to give my opinions of the game mainly focused towards the Difficulty issue that many people have been complaining about.
What do you guys think?

Darksiders III Is Actually The Dark Souls Of The Darksiders Series

Darksiders III is out tomorrow and after playing it for the past few days it’s a really fun game that pulls a lot of inspiration from the Dark Souls series of the games. The big issue I have with the version I am playing is the odd performance issues that are present on the Xbox One X version of the game. I’m not sure if a patch is coming to fix the fluctuating frame rate, but it is really noticeable during some battles and hurts the overall experience.

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10 Reasons Darksiders 3 Is More Like Dark Souls Than Other “Souls-Like” Games

I know it’s easy to hate the term “Souls-Like” and I understand, I don’t want to use that term! But Darksiders 3 obviously takes a lot of inspiration from Dark Souls and makes it their own! We should be celebrating this! =D

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